Benedetta Segala

Born on 1978 in Mantova, Italy

Benedetta Segala is an Italian artist, writer and art curator currently living in Malaysia.

She obtained her Master’s Degree of Fine Art at ESBAM Luminy University Marseille, France in 2003 and her Diploma of Art and Design at the Giulio Romano Institute of Art Mantova, Italy in 1997. Meanwhile she spent also three years in Bologna to attend Accademia di Belle Arti, where she was profoundly marked from the teaching of the minimalist painter Gabriele Partisani.

2001, she discovers Asia for the first time with an ERASMUS scholarship (Thailand-Laos-China-Malaysia).

2003, after she obtains her diploma, she has her first solo exhibition at the MAC (Musée d’Art Contemporain) contemporary art museum of Marseilles.

She has produced since more than ten solo exhibitions and a number of group exhibitions in several galleries and institutions in Italy, France, Dubai, USA, Malaysia and Singapore; with her artworks being collected by private international collectors. Benedetta’s major series are Temporale, Sensus, Mirages, Acquatica and Esistere.

In a world distracted by cliché, by abstraction as distraction, by the glitz beneath the glitter, Segala’s abstract paintings boldly explore subtlety in shade, in tone, in form and line to cut through this tinsel world and find the calm, cool space of truth. Modal shades, organic lines, abstract form working in harmony to create a unity of expression, to create a calm space of delicate simplicity through subtlety, to fill the void with meaning and give it purpose. The universe is not filled with emptiness; it is filled with stars, billions and billions of brilliant fiery beings. Though we see them from afar, they are there and her work reflects them, each and every one.

Yet in art we cannot paint the brilliance of stars. Those paintings would blind us instantly. Instead, Segala’s work captures that brilliance through the subtlety of being, reducing the fiery brilliance to the warmth of understanding. Viewing her work, one is drawn into the joy of color and form, into the essence of being, into existence rather than appearance.

She uses color to create and mould sensations, sensations that are alive, full, pervasive, color and form that put us in intimate contact with ourselves and with the star-filled universe. It is a balance of reality as we experience it and imagination as we dream it. It is lyrical abstraction, the blending of perfect form with the formless flow of existence.

Her aesthetic criteria, based on flowing lines and organic tonal modulation, strengthens the image while not overwhelming it. It whispers to the viewer its affirmation of life.


Art Expo Malaysia, Menara Matrade MECC Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA

Dialectic (Duo), Tapak Gallery Shah Alam MALAYSIA

Esistere, 1 Stile Gallery Mantova ITALY


Journée internationale pour l’élimination de la violence à l’égard des femmes

Italian Cultural Institute European Congress Marseille FRANCE

Segala/Ghani (Duo), Espace Provisoire – Maison Bleu Gallery Digne FRANCE

Aquatique, Toursky Theatre Marseille FRANCE

Talents de femmes, Maison de la Région Marseille FRANCE

Œuvres 2005-2011, City hall Gallery Marseille FRANCE


Terre Créatrice, Céladon Gallery Marseille FRANCE

Grain de sable, grain de peau, Sahella Gallery Marseille FRANCE

Mirages, L’Entrée des Bains Gallery Marseille FRANCE

Frammenti, Libenter Gallery Mantova ITALY

International Art and Crafts Fair Milano ITALY

Sculptures, Immagina Gallery Mantova ITALY

Sculptures, MAC Contemporary Art Museum Marseille FRANCE

Pameran Seni Rupa Lima Benua, Rumah Lebah Imoghiri (Art Jog)Yogyakarta INDONESIA

Shah Alam Biennale Pangea, Alam Impian Art Gallery Shah Alam MALAYSIA

Mantovana, 1 Stile Gallery (Italian Capital of Culture 2016) Mantova ITALY

Horizon, Guimik Art Gallery Marseille FRANCE

Abstrak : Kini dan Dulu, Core Design Gallery Subang Jaya MALAYSIA

SoyaCincau, Core Design Gallery Subang Jaya MALAYSIA

Bank Art Fair, Zero Gallery Pan Pacific Hotel SINGAPORE

Langkawi Art Biennale, Lagoon Resort Langkawi MALAYSIA

Consul’Art, Palais des Arts Marseille FRANCE

For Them, CDAA & Cuadro Fine Art Gallery Dubai UAE

A vendre, Montgrand Gallery Marseille FRANCE

Votre prix sera le notre, Artcade Gallery Marseille FRANCE

Art Auction LECLERE Marseille FRANCE

Semaine de l’Art Contemporain, City hall Riez la Romaine FRANCE

Quadriennale L. da Vinci, Vittoriano Museum Complex Roma ITALY

Regards de Provence, Palais des Arts Marseille FRANCE

Omaggio, Martini Hotel Olbia ITALY

Journée de l’Europe Marseille FRANCE

Temporale, Thomas Charles Gallery Phoenix USA

Vaches, City hall Nevers FRANCE


Lines – Solo exhibition by Anees Maani at Chandan Gallery

Kuala Lumpur  MALAYSIA


Abstrak: Kini dan Dulu 

Core Design Gallery, Subang Jaya MALAYSIA

Abstrak: Kini dan Dulu


The Grass is greener on this side

Core Design Gallery, Subang Jaya MALAYSIA

Subang Jaya MALAYSIA

The Grass is Greener on This Side


Perahu Art Residency

Yogyakarta INDONESIA